so well maybe i will introduce myself

Well i guess ill have to do an introduction also. I am the blind man relying solely on biological living light. I am the circle squared painted in gold to help transfer the inner glow that comes from the rays of the sun. I am the ignorant,lazy,3/5ths of man who greeks cited with +, -,365, calculations of the star and heaven. I am digit behind spectrum of light (pause). Im the tally of viruses or sins possible, but still the sum of creation or the days of lies during “passover”. I am hold the sum of the seas while my throne is still the center of the circle.

I am the first inhabitant  but yet a second class citizen all junk dna. I am the sum of Chakras. Im Chinese by way of Iran. I am the Negritic of america.I am Afro-Olmec statues from 1000bc in mexico. I am pure no butter no sugar while in the thin line between Moesha’s baby Boys and girlfriends. I am the nigga but still the master still I’m ruler of my kingdom yet also a slave.

i am the complete black man.

7 “7”s in there holla fuck jayz lol

dont take that too literal its more of a code  or metaphor about our people than a introduction to my self but really just something to stunt on people with typical “nigga shit”


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