Vanity Slaves

Randomly one day woke up and downloaded Kendrick Lamar EP.  Usually I don’t download artist whom I know nothing about, but I went for it anyway. And was pleasantly pleased, and surprised with his artistry from the beginning to the end never skipped a track. Realizing that I had heard of him before when he use to go by K dot.

Track  11 “Vanity Slaves” captured my attention the most for several reasons. Everything he spit was the absolute TRUTH!

Blacks as a people worry about the wrong things in life, not to uplift one another but, focusing how to get the latest Cars, shoes, clothes, Louis & Gucci to stunt on the next person. However, Insecurities roams the black communities starting at early ages. Competing with ourselves just to be amongst popularity. But can you blame us?


My favorite line from the song:

Blame it on the 400 years we never saw, The reason The next 400 years we gotta floss… SLAVES…

Hope you enjoyed the song and got exactly what I did from listening


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