What’s The Purpose of Schools?

When was the last time anyone really questioned the purpose of schooling of Formal Education?

Yeeeeeah? Well I question it everyday, while I’m learning more from reading and researching on my own than I ever did in any formal education setting.

Social equality doesn’t exist for Education in the inner city where the majority of the schools are populated with blacks and Latinos. America is a Meritocracy world where rewards are distributed on the basis of achievement, and the primary method for advancing is through education. How can one be rewarded through their achievements, if an institution doesn’t issue out equal opportunities to all races?

Education does not meet the needs of society as a whole, but serves the interests of capitalist class.

So here we have it… Class stratification which was designed by the “highly educated” to benefit themselves, and to keep the “Lower Class” at the bottom plays a huge role in education.

Living in a Capitalist society, their education meaning the “elite” was meant to prepare them for the roles they are playing in real life.  Students are Sorted based on perceived ability. Not real ability, nor the ability to learn. “They” have these standardized test which they say is to show the school’s growth and ability but the so-called “objective test” are biased. How can you test all students on the same material when the test weren’t designed for inner city students to pass? When the same effort of schooling these students aren’t the same.

Students tend to perform as they’re expected to perform. If those “objective test” were made only to show how smart the majority students compared to the minority, doesn’t that say something about the world we live in. There’s no equal balance with anything that’s put forth.

If we learn in an enviroment where we are comfortable and can relate we will Succeed. Period!!!!!!!

Society needs to prioritize the real educational needs of real students who face obstacles in public schools over any perceived abstract need to treat them the same as everyone else.

We come from royalty, We are natural scholars. But we have fear in believing in ourselves..and no this isn’t any reverse racism. I’m not bashing anyone.. it’s up to us..

All I’m saying we have the ability to be more!!!!

A Favorite Quote :

You can only be destroyed by believing that you are really what the white world considers A nigger. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now

Thanks for viewing my thoughts



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