mental pork part 1 “BAD GIRLS CLUB”

I fucking HATE bad girls club. This show is totally the most ignorant, degrading, and senseless show on TV. It has worked its way on my mental pork list. Season after season after they round up the most ignorant “bitches” they can find to live together in a house. Oxygen Channel has found that using drama and ignorance they make this so called “entertainment”. The thing that really gets to me about that show is theres no real purpose of this show. Its pointless. Theres is no positive no justification. Its just drama then fights the a girl has to go home then at the end of it all they all come together to fight again at the end of the season. Its all based around watching woman act like animals or shall i say act like female pigs. Sloppy,dirty, loud, fighting pigs.

This show has set back the minds of millions of it viewers. You may say “thats not me” or “im higher than that to get influenced by this show”. But think of this if u watch the show u support ignorance, which makes u a ignorant motha fucka. Every time u tune in the higher there ratings go and the more money the WHITE MALE producers make. SO every time u tune in you actually help set back Women and even worst you help make the people abusing a  young women image rich. Have we reached the point in life that were entertained by ignorance and the totally downgrading of women? Dont we have anything better to do than to watch pigs eat there own shit on tv. Do you think its funny that there are no images of young intelligent black women on tv? Is it cool to pay attention to these type of girls in the first place. Think about it what really is the point? Why support that shit.

Come on people lets not make a fools of ourselves. I know youve seen the effect of this show on girls. Theres so many girls running around mimicking the actions of this show. Lets be real these no way you can watch that show and walk away from it feeling better about yourself or being a black woman. So why should you support it.

peace smh

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