Breaking the CYCLE By Chanel Wayne

Here a very dope guest blog. BLACK WOMEN STAND UPPPP LOL

Breaking The Cycle

By Chanel Wayne

Shirley Chisholm delivered this speech in 1974 at the University of Missouri where they held a conference dedicated to “The Black Woman” in America.

At this time in history many Black women complained of sexism coming from their “male counterparts” but Chisholm makes points about the Black woman that still apply more than thirty years after. When she mentions the emasculation of the Black male she is referring to slave times when slave owners would use various methods to break slave men. That is to remove their natural state of mental and physical abilities, in other words make them widely dependent on their slave masters. While doing so the slave owners would have the slave women and children watch this breaking process. After viewing some men be beaten half to death, or tar and feathered then tied to two horses facing opposing ways that sped off as fast as possible the women were left with virtually no reliable male presence around. Which effectively forced them into a role of complete independence. The effect on the children is the scariest part of this process, out of fear the Black women raised their little girls to be independent like themselves and raised their sons with such over protection that they grew up to be just as dependent as their fathers. This vicious cycle is apart of the reason we have a major role reversal within the Black culture still to this day. But back to the independent Black woman, Chisholm argues that too many times Black women take the backseat for their man. As a counter to that point she says that as educated women with an abundance of perseverance we should be “side by side” with our men fighting the struggles. On a side note I realize that the realities of the struggle aren’t as blatant or in our face as they used to be particularly since the election of Barack Obama. But we all must face the fact that as long as we have inadequate schools in our neighborhoods, welfare stricken families and large portions of our men in prison we are still struggling. With that said ladies and gentlemen I want to encourage you all to get up and reverse this cycle. Ladies I am not discouraging independence, on the contrary in fact I think we should use it to our advantage.  See the fact is we are one of the only races living in Amerika whose women have been taught to fend for our own. This is an advantage that will only allow us to grow as a people if we work collectively as individuals. And in order to develop as individuals we must act first in helping our men and children break this cycle. As mothers we must teach both our little boys and girls independence, self-knowledge, love for all people and lastly we should teach them responsibility for all of their actions, and don’t forget to live by what you teach. As sisters we must aid our brothers in advancing themselves within any career or goal they set their heart on, but be sure not to let go of your own goals and dreams.  Most importantly as daughters we must be patient with our fathers. Understand that many times when they let us down there are sociological factors that play into this and on a larger scale it is not all their fault. Furthermore as daughters we must teach our fathers the importance of their presence in our lives, not by going out and looking for a father type authoritative boyfriend but simply speaking with our fathers and letting them know what is on our mind. And for you gentlemen, the time has come for you to put your bling bling down and participate as citizens of the world. Rappers and athletes aren’t the only people who have an impact on the world. And if you do rap you have an obligation to your community to encourage progress. Instead most rappers waste their talent cursing their communities by glorifying death and drug culture in their rhymes. We understand where you come from but why not talk about “what it would be like if…” I’m not saying make up some fictitious nonsense but at least talk about how we can break the cycle, live up to that obIigation or you don’t deserve your talent. If you get nothing out of this article just know that no group of people have ever survived on this planet without working collectively towards their goals. Thank you for lending me your mind for a minute. Until we meet again…


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4 Responses to Breaking the CYCLE By Chanel Wayne

  1. Dana says:

    Very well put… Nelzy!

  2. SHANA EPPS says:



  3. mema says:

    chanel your words were very powerful and true everyone needs to read this.

  4. Cousin Tania says:

    I love it and I am soooo glad to see you voice the truth in such a positive way. I wish other would use this as an example how to encourage a generation. Love you

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