Health Tips by Dick Gregory

Alot of our people including myself have lost all track of what being healthy is. We take in all types of toxins and we dont even care. We have a million excuses “so what it aint healthy its bomb” “what dont cause cancer” and a bunch of “NIGGA” shit. We make a fuss about the way other treat us but we treat our selves like shit. We dont even care for our own kingdom which is your body. Treat your body like a temple. You wouldnt kiss a person that would cause your to get sick so why eat food that makes you unhealthy.You have to wake up and start taking care of the most important person in your life YOURSELF. Dont fall into the slave mind of being ok with hurting yourself. Your not ok with a white man calling u a nigga but your ok with eatting the deadly food the same man sales you. You go to college but your not smart enough to truely take care of yourself. And please tell me why we take up for the stupid useless food like we make money from it. smh We have to step it up and stop treating ourselves like niggas and at least start being conscious of what your taking into your system. Come on people stop eating like were still slaves. Stop thinking its negative to be healthy. Check the labels of what your eating.

heres step one to getting healthy by a person youll be seeing a lot of the genius Dick Gregory


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