Ever wanted to know your REAL last Name ?

My Name: Fulani Amira Bahati.. People always ask me my ethnicity and how my name came about.

My parents both born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. Yes that’s right, not from Africa. When asked if I’m from Africa I never once say NO. Clearly all of our ancestors are from The mother land. So here’s the break down of how my name came about.

Fathers Maiden Name : Anthony Cox

Mothers Maiden Name: Coliet Allan

So in actuality my Last Name would be Cox. But I’ve been blessed with amazingly conscious parents who wasn’t haven’t it. They no longer wanted to carry the name that once their grandparents slave owners gave to them.

So they both changed their First and Last name. Now known as Mr and Mrs Bahati.

Bahati =meaning: Good fortune in Swahili

They brought forth seven beautiful children. After their 4th child they made the decision to change their names. I still have older siblings who last name remains “Cox” on their birth certificate. Sucks for them lol

I’m the youngest out of seven and honestly when I was born, they had this name thing on lock. I clearly have the best name in my family lol. If it wasn’t for my parents being aware. My name would probably be Ashley Monae Cox, or Brittany Nicole Cox.. No disrespect to the Ashley’s and Brittany’s out there. but hey, I’m BLESSED

But, I’ve always wondered my ancestors actual Last name before taken into slavery. Always wondered what royalty of Families I’m from. How fucked up is, that we don’t even know our real last names. Ever thought about that? So why not re-create your own powerful last night and build a Dynasty. The Bahati’s are coming along quite well, with grand children and all.

BAHATI’s LIVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!



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