What exactly is Beautiful?

Sad to say it has gotten to the point where skin color plays a huge role in what is considered “Beautiful” or “Gorgeous” in the eyes of males. Dark skin women have an insecurity about themselves because they aren’t the norm of what’s being portrayed heavy in the Media. Weather its Music videos ,movies, cartoons, Tv sitcoms etc.

Whats funny, I Randomly asked Glen the other day why I  never see any girls in music video who looks like me. lol He went on about how he felt. ..Big booty, and boobs are like toys..males enjoy seeing that, and as far as skin color goes…why not have her look exotic right? I ran across this footage on Worldstarshiphop.com how HipHop artist prefer Light skin women over Dark skin women. But honestly it’s deeper than hiphop. This topic touches me deep only because I am A dark Skin women. It Never fails every time I’m out.. I hear the words:

“You’re beautiful for a dark skin girl” someone even told me “You a cute black Mutha fucka” True story

You’ll never hear The words “You’re cute to be light skin” is it that they are automatically labeled as being beautiful? The lighter you are closer you are to the White women? what is it? Because in my eyes Beauty is Beauty. Skin color shouldn’t matter. Slavery has done a lot of damage to our minds. The whole skin color issue is so ignorant I honestly feel we will destroy our race.

But hey, check out this video.


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