Rap teachings: NaS

To me rap is the modern day poetry and story telling. One of the best rap teachers is Nas, heres some unreleased track that you can listen to and get a message everyone can use.


“believe in yourself and youll be free”

“a part of me is harmony”

“people worship the madonna in the shrines of spain, im proud to share the same blood type in there vain’s”

“the wicked men want the ebony punished ”

“All questions about resurrection and your correction with the gods is answered with every beat of your heart”


“the transition of a young fool, broke still on his neck he hung jewels”

“to hit the top u have to fall before you make it”

“i to see who i was just know where im at”

“i see both sides of the game all the ups and downs”

My own worst enemy

“It’s gettin’ clearer, starin’ at the man in the mirror,Like all this time, it’s just a fragment of my mind,Come to find out, shit wasn’t what is made to be In reality My Worst Enemy was me”

“Was born ruthless, hated school, they ain’t teach me I’m a bad seed,Planted in this ghetto, where my niggaz can’t read,Multiply, subtract; only knowin’ how to count cracks and count stacks”

“Cause everytime I caught a case, could of got me in jail,If you wasn’t scared of jail, you more likely to fail,I thought the whole world was cursed, from the hand I was dealt,And +My Worst Enemy+ was my self”


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