Support The Homies: Lite

#SupportTheHomies is HILARIOUS anyway We don’t normally post “The Homies” Music or Videos on The blog if it isn’t meaningful. Don’t get me wrong I know tons of talented artist.But I honestly enjoyed this Video.The director got creative with the editing. Shows our creativity and that we can do it all. Niggaz are talented Just expressing pure fun and what goes down on Thurman Ave. and such.. Nigga shit. We do function. It’s ok to have fun at times. Life needs balance.

LITE E.T.L Feat. Def Sound video off mixtape Out to Lunch Video by – Tha Vison aka Trescher Jason Chambers. Despite the auto tune lol The videos Dope. check it out

Heres another song off of Out To Lunch My personal Favorite. “God’s Of War” Feat Emon Tiron And Aymoari.

I asked lite how the song came about

Lite- ” Well when I wrote the song.. it came from a place of withstanding all types of adversity. Facing physical, spiritual, and mental enemies and coming out victorious”

and thats just what us niggaz do. Constantly at war with ourselves and with our haters aka the white man. but hey, like NaS said “No matter how, hard you try, you can’t stop, us nooooow.”

As James Baldwin says,”You can only be destroyed
by believing that you really are
what the white world considers – a nigger”

and we all know they switch things on us to make it bad when its really good. So enlighten yourself, be wise. and you’ll end up at the top. Forever #Winning



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