Teachers Make Mock Black History Month

IN a south La Elementary school 3 white teachers decided to celebrate some sus as black people. OJ simpson, Ru Paul, and Dennis Rodman. smfh Thats just retarded man. Why are u teaching elementary students about cross dressers and OJ Simpson when there’s hundreds of popular black people who contributed so much to america. This is a classic sign of the times. I hope some kick them in there asses lmfao


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One Response to Teachers Make Mock Black History Month

  1. jm alston says:

    now u know if the roll had been reversed and it was 3 black teachers dressed as hitler or mason this story would have hit all the so called news networks.the teachers in question were taken out of the classroom and suspended for 3 days w/o pay… thats not enough. parents we have to wake up and realize that there are some very sick individuals in charge of our kids..u just never know.. make it a habit of being a constant presence at your kids school. teach ur kids to question the answers and not just answer the questions..thats what i taught my own…

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