Support The Homies: Overdoz

Overdoz is currently my favorite group. Theyre Creative, Lyrical, Hood, Intelligent, Funny and must important FUNKYYY lol I really appreciate the fact theyre actually good dudes in the group. No House Niggas around here

Bio:OverDoz. consists of four natives from South Central California, that is sure to penetrate hip hop in a way that has yet to be seen. They met in the summer of 2008. Sleezy and Kent began writing their debut album entitled, Bowties and Rosaries. Creamie and Tube and Kent all grew up playing sports together while attending Audubon Middle School. Before releasing the album at the end of 2008 the group acquired Tube after his return from Arizona State University. Creamie is the youngest of the four (19). Sleezy, Kent, and Tube are three 21 year old MC’s that spit infectious rhymes over an eclectic mix of musical influences to make songs that this generation can relate to in a variety of ways. OverDoz is a versatile trio with lyrics that speak to issues from drugs and violence in the community, life lessons, growing pains, and celebrating the complexity and beauty of women and relationships. They bless tracks with their creative melodies and concepts and their vibe is sure to mover crowds all over the world! With Sleezy’s straight forward approach, Kent’s Metaphoric flow, Tubes laid back style, and Creamie’s  hilarious skits, OverDoz. is a force to be reckoned with!

Heres my interview with Overdoz

Whats your thoughts of the current state of hiphop (likes and dislikes)?

Kent: people have lost faith in the artist that have been placed on the platform. It’s all about who can mimic who the best and not whose music is the easiest to relate to
Sleezy: The state of music right now is down, there’s not really anybody that’s original and standing out right now. But I feel like that’s great because it’s opens lanes for young niggas like us tryna come up. It’s time for something new.
Tube: I like the fact that it’s coming bacc to the lyrics. You can just be yourself in your music again, there’s no need for a fasaud. I don’t really dislike anything your music is Your art, maybe I jus don’t see it your way but I respect your creativity.

What are the biggest problem(s) u believe face blacks in America?

K: we think in a box. We know we are capable of extraordinary things but simply do not want to work to be succesful. We’ve been stripped of our culture from the day we got here 400 yrs ago, once we realize what we were and could be we will be better as a people
S: We don’t stick together. In the black community, everyone is always hatin on the next man. We gotta get past that, and focus on how to better ourselves.
T: miseducation or no education at all. Alotta kids r being shown alot (drugs, sex, etc) without the understanding of what things really are. Some see you don’t need school to be successful, but dont see you still need to be educated school or not.

What things do u believe our generation should do to help to be a positive influece on the youth?

K: include the youths ideas to remain connected. Accept them for their flaws and give them a chance to display their talents.
S: Push school. Show everybody that even though the rockstar lifestyle is the most appealing, having an education behind you is very important.
T: we need to let the youth know the Knowledge iz power and you can get what ever you want if you want it bad enough NEVERGIVE!

If you could have any producer and any feature on one track who would they be?

K: Beat from kanye Andre 3000 on the feature
S: Same as June. Kanye on a track!!!!!
T: of course every1 wants a beat from The neptunes! That studio vibe would be magical(no jha jha) & a feature from Outkast!!! Both but Andre if I have to Picc 1, it’s a Gemini thang!

Whos project should be featured next and why ?

K: OverDoz. “Higher Learning” it will change the face of la lifestyle, mark my words
S: C-San’s “Everybody Mad At Chris”. He’s in our camp and jmakes authentic good music.
T: I think the next feature album should be “FROM THE WESTSIDE WITH LOVE” by Dom Kennedy or “Customized Greatly Vol.2” by Casey Veggies … 2 Groovy albums bro!

Heres a radio interview they did in atlanta



Behind the Scenes of Crumblin Therapy

Heres a link to the Download the mixtape NOVA …….


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