Niggas Gotta Eat: Earlez Grill


3630 Crenshaw Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90016

This has to be one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles. Cheap, bomb every single time, and they have a wide variety of food.  Breakfast is great and lunch is Vegetarian friendly  and at the same time Beef eater friendly lol Earlez has Wifi Flat Screen Tvs and just a very welcoming atmosphere. Support black business

Daily Specials

Mon:Veggie Dog$2.00

Tues:Skinny Fries $1.25

Wed.Veggie Burger $3.50

Thurs. Turkey Burger $4.00

Fri.Spicy Beef Link $2.50

Sat.Beef or Turkey Dog $1.25

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One Response to Niggas Gotta Eat: Earlez Grill

  1. jan alston says:

    I agree, I love the veggie burgers and the playas punch…also, has free wi fi ..

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