Black Excellence: Rahsaan Bahati

It’s my honor to introduce my brother, The champion Rahsaan  Bahati to the 3rdeyedrop blog. I’m overwhelmed with his excellence and commitment with cycling I’m damn near in tears writing this. He is a major threat in any race the winds up in a field sprint. However, Last Friday got a chance to see how real his dream was to giving back to the community and The launched of his own cycling team Bahati racing Pro cycling team at Nokia Live in downtown La. The event was out of this world to see tons not only supporting my brother but supporting a good cause. The Bahati Foundation, founded by Rahsaan Bahati, is a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers underprivileged youth to rise above their circumstances.


Growing up in Compton, California Rahsaan was exposed to the gangs, drugs and crime that proliferated his South Central Los Angeles neighborhood and he had to make hard choices at a young age. He could have easily fallen into the circumstances of his surroundings without the support of two loving parents along with the fateful combination of a teacher, an eraser, and a classmate that would change his life forever.

In his early years Rahsaan was a class clown. Along with the usual punishments, the teacher recommended that Rahsaan start an after school program to focus some of his extensive energy. He was given the choice between golf and bikes, and with the idea that “bikes” meant motorbikes Rahsaan choose the later. Next day father took him to was once the local velodrome in Carson now none as the Home depot center. Rahsaan was a natural. Picked to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin for the US junior track Nationals. He brought home four medals that year and launched a junior career that brought him over 80 victories and 5 straight selections to the US National Team.

While many of his classmates and friends were getting into a gang lifestyle and feeling relegated to their surroundings Rahsaan was developing into an accomplished cyclist and riding with The Major Motion Cycling Team out of Leimert Park. Through the efforts of members of the team he was able to train and race in local criterium (a spectator friendly short course race) and road races. Successes came quickly and continued through his attendance at Indiana University.  After completing his degree Rahsaan launched full time into a professional cycling career with some of the top level US cycling teams. In 2008, he completed a life long dream and became a US National Pro Champion in Criterium.

Here’s an inspiring footage: please watch

I will keep you all updated on all his success. It has just began




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