Americas Public School Crisis

fuck man (excuse my french) i really dont understand this. theres god damn millionares and billionares all thru out america and no one is stepping up to give public schools money nor time. Im convinced that America want everyone to be as stupid as possible. I just dont get it.  No one is stepping up to help save public education not even the people who were educated thru public schools. This is just a sign on the times. All we can do is make sure the youth in our circle are as educated as possible. If that means taking time to bring your relative to a museum than do it. If you have to spend some time teaching them who to write or read than do it. If it mean takes your money to buy them books than do it.. Nothing should be more important than educating the young ones you love. We have to be better influences to the youth asap because they have nothing to fall back on. Music cant save them the Tv sure as hell cant, And they dont have decent schooling. So its only us. Take time to help someone asap. Just take the time to talk to them and let them know whats really important in life. You have a great influnce over the kids no matter how hard headed they are lol Take the time or money out of your day god will repay all good deeds

your friendly neighborhood evolutionary Glen Aka g money aka i need a new nickname aka G blocc boy lmfao


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One Response to Americas Public School Crisis

  1. jan alston says:

    That’s excactly what I talked to you guys about coming up son.. Each one Teach one..this is what I have dedicated my life to and I’m glad the you are willing to pick up the mantle and run with it.We also have to really listen to these babies…they are crying out for help.. not everyone has people in their lives that are just excited that they’re’s truely a tragedy.. our kids are more lost than ever. just by letting them know that their very existence on this earth is important could change their way of thinking… tell them you believe in them and that you truely “See them”. Love them even when they are being unloveable…tell that they are not what people think they are ..they are not losers or dumb or unmanageable.. tell them especially our babies; those that look like that they are young kings and queens and that this world is theirs… but most importantly let them see the king in you . the one that I nurtured and taught about your greatness and your rightful place in this world..peace and blessing from your loving mom.. the one who sparked the revolutionary flame in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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