gods sunrise

my life is all experimental

the body is only a metaphor of the spiritual

manifested in section 8 rental

its all destiny

only here because im meant too

which means you cant kill me

its all in your mental

Im blinded out walking gods footpath

open my eyes  standing in a devils bloodbath

grim as it is i let out a huge laugh

steppin on the devil throat before he tired to take his last

A Sun raise and  contradicted 66 degree  forecast

Rays hitting earth it reminds me of gun blast

The devils gone next the fall of the newscast

Death to the cops that sent the dogs to bite our ass

Dancing around bushes while they ask for forgiveness

Your favorite rapper collapses for handling  devils business

But of course God leaves no witnesses

Reversing false sentences

While listening to the sweet song of mass Repentance


About 3rdeyedrops
We're not "bloggers" we're Journalist and Evolutionaries

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