The Queens of Creativity: Kelis

I dont care what anyone says Kelis has been the most original and creative artist in hip hop or current music period. Everything you see in Fashion and Music she has done it already and most likey yearssss ago. To me Kelis goes down as the freshest woman in the industry still to this day.

List of Kelis facts :

  • Kelis First Woman to have a Fully Neptunes Produced Album

  • Kelis Created her own style of RnB which many other artist copied
  • Kelis Made girls want curly hair and make girls have kool-aid colored hair
  • Kelis Made grown woman shave half of their heads off  (years before rihanna and cassie)

  • Kelis give “lady gaga” inspiration in many promo pics

  • Kelis had every woman saying “Their BOSSY”
  • Kelis had women Cursing there man out thanks to “caught out there
  • Kelis has the most creative videos in rnb without a doubt

  • Kelis Brought the rock aspect to Rnb
  • Kelis Lost N Damaged DVD Pt. 2 of 3

  • Lets not forget we all know a woman with the famous KELIS FLOWER BACK TATTOO lmao

Kelis wins hands down


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