Jason Maddox Opens State-of-the-Art Photo Studio in Downtown Los Angeles

His photographs have a unique quality. Some are reminiscent of paintings by the old masters. His fashion shots are swathed in simple beauty, yet futuristic in many instances. Guided from birth by a family mantra stressing excellence in all endeavors, Jason Maddox, a 29-year-old photographer is just that, a young man who strives to be the best in all that he pursues. A part of the fourth generation of one of California’s pioneer African American business families, the Albert (Ethel) Maddox family, Jason is the son of Deloise and Albert O. Maddox and has chosen photography as the vessel through which he is expressing that excellence.

Jason has recently opened a state-of-the-art photography studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Famed California architect Joseph Giovanni designed both the building and Maddox’s studio.

Jason Maddox is a graduate of Howard University with a BA Degree in Philosophy. He also attended Emerson Col

lege, Boston, UCLA and USC respectively in Los Angeles where he studied photography and filmmaking. He returned to Howard University’s Law School as a graduate student. In addition, he studied in Tamagawa Gakwuen (near Tokyo), Japan and taught Martial Arts at Howard.

Prior to the launch of his photography business Jason interned at Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills, researched businesses and designed web sites, new media solutions and network solutions for Equaleye, photographed exhibits for the Smithsonian Institute that included “Ritmos de Identidad,” the Fernando Ortiz’s Legacy and the Howard University Drum Collection exhibits,

which toured nationwide.

Maddox is an avid volunteer in his spare time in the Los Angeles area. He has tutored youth at the Remedial Reading and Learning Center. At the West Los Angeles Police Department, he helped in the filing of police reports and computer input of crime reports while teaching martial arts to community youth. Jason organized and set up special exhibitions at the Ernie Wolfe Gallery in

Los Angeles that included Ellen King’s Zimbabwe Series and has coordinated artist receptions at the gallery. Now as a full-time professional, Jason Maddox is specializing in fashion, editorial and art photography.

“I am passionate about photography.” Maddox confides, “Photography captures images, expressions and details that the naked eye seldom sees. A photo seizes a moment in time that can never be duplicated, recording that moment for posterity.” He adds, “Photography, whether it is fashion, editorial or fantasy is the artist/photographer’s personal outlook on life, what he/she sees, feels or fantasizes about life itself.”

Among many career achievements Jason utilized his filmmaking talents in the creation of “Career 2000” a 104-minute SYHA color video, “Ghosts and Dinosaurs” (a screenplay), “Violence A Choice,” a KCET-TV, PBS, Public Service Announcement, “The Quiz” a student film while at USC and “Beyond The Ring” executive produced by Maddox last year. Jason Maddox is the recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award, The Humanitas Society’s Outstanding Community Service Award, awarded Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, a Silver Medal, National Collegiate Tae Kwon Do, Gold and Silver Medals in the Maryland State Games and a Silver Medalist in the Virginia State Games. View Maddox’s work at http://www.mvsevm.tv.


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