SMH:Bayer Exposed For Aids Contaminated Vaccines

Looking at Bayer’s past it is hardly possible to imagine a worse company to entrust with the development and commercialisation of such an unwanted, unpredictable and potentially dangerous technology as GM crops. Bayer has a history of corporate crimes that makes even old-school bio-tech baddies Monsanto seem like angels. Here are just a few of the skeletons in Bayer’s cupboard:

In 1898 Bayer trademarked Heroin and in 1900 marketed it world-wide as a cough medicine.
In 1925 Bayer was one of the companies that merged to form IG Farben. During WWII IG Farben used forced labour in many of its factories including the Buna synthetic rubber plant at Monowitz – effectively a corporate concentration camp –
close to Auschwitz. IG Farben subsidiary Degesch manufactured and sold Zyklon B, the poison gas used in the gas chambers. Bayer AG was one of 4 companies to be formed out of the assets of IG Farben in 1951.
Bayer has been heavily implicated in the development of nerve agents used in chemical weapons including VX.
Bayer was one of the pharmaceutical companies who took the South African government to court for allowing the production of cheap generic versions of HIV drugs (see CW Newsletters 2 and 3 and articles on the website).
In the wake of the recent anthrax attacks in the US, Bayer is raking in millions of dollars as the sole US manufacturer of Cipro, the antibiotic used to treat the disease.
Earlier this year Bayer was forced to withdraw one of its leading pharmaceutical products – the anti cholesterol drug Baycol or Lipobay, which was linked to over 50 deaths.
In the early 1990’s Bayer placed hundreds of UK patients at risk of potentially fatal infections by failing to disclose crucial safety information during a trial of the
antibiotic Ciproxin (the same Ciproxin that is being used to treat anthrax). Up to 650 people underwent surgery using Ciproxin without doctors being informed that studies (as early as 1989) showed the drug reacted badly with others, seriously impairing its ability to kill bacteria.

Bayer is currently facing a law suit in Peru brought by the parents of children killed in a pesticide poisoning incident in the Peruvian Andes. 24 children died and a further 18 were severely poisoned after drinking powdered milk accidentally mixed with a Bayer pesticide. The chemical methyl parathion (brand name Folidol), an odorless white powder that resembles powdered milk, was sold to farmers, mainly illiterate Quechua speakers, in small plastic bags with labels in Spanish and no
pictograms indicating danger or toxicity.
Bayer is also anxious to stifle criticism. It recently forced the excellent German based anti-Bayer campaign group BayerWatch to rename its web site and to relinquish all rights to the BayerWatch name.


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