WTF: “Why Can’t A Successful Black Woman Find A Man?”

MAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN. I really dont understand this phenomenon Of black woman not having a man. I really dont understand why this has become a something that the media has made into a reality in the community. I know a bunch of BLACK WOMAN with either a boyfriend,or a husband. The problem doesn’t even really exist. Ive yet to meet a Black man that doesnt want a successful Black Woman,unless hes just a ignorant nigga. We cant make a statement about Black People judging off a “Nigga Action”.Black People and Niggas are two different things. Yeah a bunch of niggas are in jail and negatively influenced by the media. But theyre “niggas”. Successful Black Woman need to find a Black Man not a “nigga”. It just seems a bit ridiculous that we cant get any other issue beside broken homes on ABC or any other prime time channel.

I think its equally ridiculous that someone decided to make the panel up of a bunch a “NIGGAS”. I dont care about Steve Harvey relationship advice. He still endorses Pork lol What does he know. Who is he to speak for Black Men. Ive never looked for steve harvey for relationship advice. Hes just a funny nigga in a clown suit if u ask me. I think we lost the whole fact that a relationship should be based off LOVE not how much money the man or woman has to offer. If we focused of loving one another, all the problems of  take a backseat. I think our main problem is we just need to love more. LOVE MO LOVE MO LOVE MO THAN THAT

im just venting lol dont quote me

Keep Black LOve Alive. Keep all love alive


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