Remembering the LA Riots

First there was the infamous Ass Whooping

Rodney king got his ass wiizzziiiiizzziiippppeeedddd by LAPD officers. A video of the thunder dome was recorded by a man named George Holliday from his apartment across the street. King lead police on a chase around los angeles which ended in Lake View Terrence.

The asswhippin lead to a media frenzy. The LA Times reported on the beatdown 55 times, The New Times had publised 21 articles,The Chicago Tribune published 15 articles. They even had a 60 minute special on prime Time Live. This frenzy led to the The los angeles DA to charge all four officers that were laying the smack down with Assault and use of excessive force.

Due to the heavy media cov on the asswhippin the trial had a change of venue from La county to a newly constructed courthouse in the more predominantly white and politically conservative city of Simi Valley and neighboring Ventura country (aka no Blackmans land). The jury for the trial of his “peers” was composed of 10 whites 1 Latin and 1 Asian.

The verdit came after 7 days of deliberations. Basically they got off blah blah blah and we got turnt the fuck up lmfao

One of the little known factors to the riots was a young lady named Latasha Harlins. She was shot and killed by a Korean store owner named  in L.A. Latasha was a student at Westcester High. The story from court transcripts  says, Du say Latasha put a bottle of Orange juice into her backpack.

Du erroneously concluded that Harlins was attempting to steal, because she evidently did not see the money in Harlins’ hand. Du attempted to grab Harlins by the sweater and snatched her backpack. Harlins then struck Du with her fist three times, knocking Du to the ground. After Harlins backed away Du then threw a stool at her. Harlins then picked up the orange juice that dropped during the scuffle put it on the counter and turned to leave. Du reached under the counter to retrieve a handgun. Du then fired at Harlins from behind and shot her in the back of her head, then fainted. Du’s husband, Billy Heung Ki Du, heard the shot and rushed into the store. After speaking to his wife, who falsely  said she had been robbed, he dialed 9 1 1 to report the shooting. Paramedics soon arrived, but Harlins was dead, her two dollars still in her left hand.

Du testified on her own behalf, stating that it was self denfense and that her life was in danger, but her words were contradicted by the statements of the two witnesses present at the time and the security camera footage, which showed her shooting Harlins in the back of the head as Harlins was attempting to leave the store. However, the Los Angeles police department ballistics expert report also found that the handgun Du used was altered in such a way that, compared to an ordinary handgun, much less pressure on the trigger was necessary to result in firing.[7]

The jury found Du guilty of voluntary manslaughter  with a 16-year prison sentence recommendation, believing that Du’s shooting was fully within her control and she fired the gun voluntarily. The presiding judge, Joyce reduced the sentence to probations of five years, four hundred hours of community service, and a $500.00 fine.

This is part of the reason for the fire bombing of Korean owned stores in Los Angeles.

Tupac dedicated “Keep Ya Head Up” to Latasha also said “Little Latasha, she’s grown/ Tell the lady in the liquor store that she’s forgiven/ So come home” on his song Thug Mansion also he said “Dear Lord if ya hear me, tell me why/ Little girl like LaTasha, had to die” on Hellrazor

Sad time in Los Angeles.


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One Response to Remembering the LA Riots

  1. jan alston says:

    This was a time of grt. sadness and anger.. blackfolks once again were told that you can’t believe what ur eyes are telling you… all the officers got off .. the korean merchant essentially got off.. kill our babies its ok.. beat our men ..its ok… well the powder keg blew the fuck up…we were tired of the bullshit ,so, we just exploded…boom stores were burned down especially korean owned liquor stores..the same mutha fuckers my father risked his ass for in the korean war had the nerve to not trust us….we were tired of the bullshit….bloods and crips united in their collective anger and dissattifaction… they put their issues asided for the greater cause of revolution…if only that committment to peace in our streets would have lasted.. you know the police could not see that happen.too many niggas thinking about freedom.. I wonder what will it take now to make us explode again…stay tuned because the revolutation will not be televised….

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