3rdeyedrops presents:Interview With Anwar Carrots

3rdeye: Tell me about Peas and carrots?

Anwar: Peas and Carrots started off as an idea for a clothing brand I had with an old buddy of mine (that never went into fruition due to lack of focus: distracted by ho’s, friends, lifes little pleasure, work etc.), slowly but surely it built into a lifestyle blog after 2 years with my boy Joshton Peas. Documenting our real everyday lives. Documenting my times working for Rogue Status; our music interest; our style/ fashion interest; and promoting our artist by the Name of Casey Veggies (www.caseyveggies.com).

3rdeye: What should we except from your new site?

Anwar: The new site will include our blog (same content as our blog, that’s what we and our readers love… real shit) but with everything in life you have to evolve. That’s the most I will say about the site I’m an enthusiast when it comes to anticipation… patience is a virtue, the two go hand-in-hand in my opinion.

3rdeye : Explain  your style and its influences?

Anwar: My style is literally “street” which may consist of: a tee; pair of denim (prefer raw selvedge straight); a new era; a pair of my favorite sneakers… clothes people don’t have though. that’s where the exclusivity of it comes in. I always been that way as a youth. I don’t like rockin the same shit people rock. At the same time it’s a cool thing to see people have the same view as you and have the same taste in style as you. It’s even greater when those pay homage. My style is influenced by the 06′ Supreme Era I came up around; the RS/ Venice Swag I was around so basically NY/ NJ East and Venice West. Big Up NA of Deadline LTD and Johan Esbensen of Rogue Status/ DTA (influencers).

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3rdeye :Whats missing from hip hop culture?

Anwar: Creativity… nothings original so get CREATIVE! Too much monkey see monkey do for me… can’t fuck with it. Also it needs some substance & rappers aren’t open minded enough for me in my opinion.

3rdeye :How do u feel about the current state of  Art?

Anwar: To me… it’s wavy, and with time going by, new artist popping up, new inspiration… it can only get wavier, it’s Art. Art doesn’t fall off to me.

3rdeye: How do you feel the lack leadership in the community has effected the state of the youth?

Anwar: We were always brought up on the 3 options: ball; rap; sell drugs (afro-american culture)… that says enough. Thanks for planting that on my generation old (ick) heads. Not much I can say about it as yet because I’m living the shit right now, I am only 19.

3rdeye: Failing schools, Los Angeles possibly going bankrupt, and all types of negativity in the media what should young people like yourself do to stay inspired and positive ?

Anwar: Me personally I look internationally for inspiration (taste makers of Europe/ Japan); Music I grew up on and the rhyme schemes that give off that from nothing to something that is portrayed in the music I listen too (Big Ups to Waka Flocka Flame; Plies; OJ Da Juiceman; Gucci Mane; cARTer; and Casey Veggies); being around successful & positive people that have been there and done that in the lane I’m steering into (being around wealth, attracts wealth). I tend not to think about “LA going bankrupt” because I personally feel L.A. is not my only way of becoming a man of wealth… International state of mind. I don’t watch Television so i don’t cloud my mind with the fuckery on the idiot box.

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