Kellogg Recalls 28 million boxes of Cereals

28 million children’s cereals manufactured by the Kellogg’s Company, have been recalled by the producer for the year 2010. The products covered in this recall are: Kellogg’s Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Honey Smacks and Froot Loops cereals. Theseproducts come with valid usable dates of 26 March, 2011 to 22nd June, 2011.

Many people became very shocked and worried because of the recall of a kids’ product. The main reason for the worry is that it is a product that is sold and used in very huge amounts and there hasn’t been a Kellogg’s recall for a very long time. Thus there is a lot of concern about the effects that the cereal would have on the health of children who have already eaten the recalled products.

Well the people who have bought and used the recalled products need not to worry because the defect doesn’t lie in the actual cereals. It is the packaging that has become the cause of sickening of many children. According to the complaints of many customers the material of the packaging gives off foul smell that causes nausea and diarrhea. It is for this reason that the recall has taken place despite the fact that the defect is not too serious, still it is the responsibility of the company to keep its customers safe from all kinds of potential hazards caused by their product, and Kellogg’s has proven to be every bit as responsible as it should be. It is thus requested that all people who have bought the above said products, should call the Kellogg’s UAN number as soon as possible.


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