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takashi murakami interview 1 Interview Magazine: Takashi Murakami

Interview Magazine has maintained an amazing track record of interviewing a heavyweight cast of personalities as their latest interview features the king of Superflat art, Takashi Murakami. The interview was conducted by Alison Gingeras, chief curator of the François Pinault collection at the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana in Venice, Italy. The interview begins casually discussing Murakami’s current relationship with dogs and goes further in-depth over a four page interview. The whole interview can be seen over at Interview.

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3rdeyedrops presents:Interview With Anwar Carrots

3rdeye: Tell me about Peas and carrots?

Anwar: Peas and Carrots started off as an idea for a clothing brand I had with an old buddy of mine (that never went into fruition due to lack of focus: distracted by ho’s, friends, lifes little pleasure, work etc.), slowly but surely it built into a lifestyle blog after 2 years with my boy Joshton Peas. Documenting our real everyday lives. Documenting my times working for Rogue Status; our music interest; our style/ fashion interest; and promoting our artist by the Name of Casey Veggies (

3rdeye: What should we except from your new site?

Anwar: The new site will include our blog (same content as our blog, that’s what we and our readers love… real shit) but with everything in life you have to evolve. That’s the most I will say about the site I’m an enthusiast when it comes to anticipation… patience is a virtue, the two go hand-in-hand in my opinion.

3rdeye : Explain  your style and its influences?

Anwar: My style is literally “street” which may consist of: a tee; pair of denim (prefer raw selvedge straight); a new era; a pair of my favorite sneakers… clothes people don’t have though. that’s where the exclusivity of it comes in. I always been that way as a youth. I don’t like rockin the same shit people rock. At the same time it’s a cool thing to see people have the same view as you and have the same taste in style as you. It’s even greater when those pay homage. My style is influenced by the 06′ Supreme Era I came up around; the RS/ Venice Swag I was around so basically NY/ NJ East and Venice West. Big Up NA of Deadline LTD and Johan Esbensen of Rogue Status/ DTA (influencers).

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3rdeyedrops Presents-Interview with Curt@!n$

3rdeyedrops got a chance to sit down with Curt@!ns and talk Black Folks, Art,and THE FREE WORLD. Check the interview out.

3rdeye:Tell me about the “letter to the people” series.

Curt@!ns:The whole “Letter to the People” thing came about with someone just asking me random questions about what was going on with me. Part one starts off with what the person was asking then I dive into my long winded answer. Parts 2 and 3 was just me speaking and tryna spark peoples thought process.

3rdeye:Where do u see the progression of “Black Folks”?

Curt@!ns:I see “Black Folks” as the beginning of some form of dialogue at least amongst the inner city youth. I say that meaning I want cats to begin to wake up and take control of their lives, take back the control of their neighborhoods, take responsibility back into their hands and really do something about setting up for the next generation. I’m no politician, I’m no preacher, I’m a musician so with music I can get people to at least start the conversation about what’s going on out here today.

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Music as the Basis: Sean Reveron “Hypebeast interview”

Sean Reveron’s past spans two coasts and more than his fair share of prominent subcultures. Growing up on the West Coast, from an early age Sean’s first experiences into the realm of music came courtesy of his mother. Working at the famed Whisky nightclub on Sunset in West Hollywood, Sean’s mother first introduced him to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabath. From there, the door was blown wide open for exploration into numerous music genres, which has come to be an integral part of Sean Reveron’s RockersNYC label. The prevalent music theme, along with surreal imagery, has come to mark the brand which has since turned the corner with a new label launch titled God’s Prey as well as some upcoming collaborations for the 2010 Fall/Winter season. In the following feature we delve into the extensive musical background of Sean Reveron as well as gaining some of his thoughts into his new brand and collaborations with the help of his better-half, Meghan MacRae

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LIL B Interview About being Set Up and “Niggas”

Love or Hate Lil B hes absolutely rite. After this interview i totally support LIL B.

Fred Hampton Interview

One of the best interviews ive ever heard (excuse his french)

Interviews from William F. Buckley

Hes a total asshole but he was needed. Looking back at his interviews he was most def negative but we onlymade it  a lesson or a stage in Black Libration. It also helped anyone getting interviewed to look a lot more educated lol .

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